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How Machine Translation Is Differ From Original Translation

An automated translation is called Machine translation (MT). In this process computer software is used to translate a text from one source language to another target language. In any translation, human or machine, it is most essential that the original meaning of the source must reflect in the translation part. Any translator must be expertise in the proper Grammar, sentence framing and meanings of both source and target languages.

Two individual translators never produce same translations of the same text of same language pair and it go through several procedures to meet customer satisfaction. But the most challengeable part is “how machine translation can produce a quality translation ?

Machine translation often allows for customization by domain or profession improving output by limiting the scope of allowable substitutions. This technique is particularly effective in domains only where formal or formulaic languages are used. It may support the machine translation of government and legal documents which may produces usable output than conversation or less standardized text.

On the other hand, in human translation the expert translators and linguists evaluate the project using methods agreed to ahead of time. The translator will translate the written text to a particular language that is requested and translate verbally to the listeners in the best of knowledge in normal and efficient voice. We can rely on human translation to be free of or limited mistakes as compared to machine translations and to flow naturally and with complete confidence from the translator.

In most of the time we can’t rely on machine for translation. Software parses text and creates a transitional representation from which the target is generated. Before starting any translation, there need to understand the source text from the part of the human translator. In the human translation, the translator must be familiar with the whole document. There is no machine translation is capable of interpretation, in this case the human translation or interpretation requires. Because only the human translator is able of interpreting components. It may exist in the source and cannot be translated the terms. But a machine translation does it into the language of the target text. One of the most difficult tasks of translation is how to keep the same effect left by the source in the target. In comparison with a human translation the machine translation has proved its weakness. The human translator is in the position to understand the different cultural, linguistic and semantic factors contributing to leaving the same effect, means in the target it is same as in the meaning of source.


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